Welcome to Free to be Frugal!

23 12 2008

As a former newspaper journalist  turned full-time stay-at-home parent, I have learned to raise a family on one paycheck. I joke about being my family’s cheapskate-in-chief, but I prefer to call myself frugal. I love to save money and am proud of it. I have a hard time understanding why anyone –regardless of how much money they make – would want to pay full price for something that they can purchase for a fraction of the cost by clipping a coupon or plugging in an online discount code. I don’t mind spending money, I just want to make sure I get my money’s worth.

While I have always considered myself frugal, my thriftiness has definitely been a work in progress. While some folks will cite a job loss, starting a family or a bad economy as the inspiration (or impetus) for adopting more thrifty ways, my journey has been more gradual.  And contrary to what you might think, the higher our household income has climbed, the more frugal we have become.  That may seem odd, but along with a higher income has come three children, a bigger house and thus more expenses.

I plan to blog about many money-saving topics, including couponing, menu planning, conserving energy, paying down debt, saving for college. By deciding to go public on my frugal adventure, I hope to inspire others to join me and, selfishly, to glean ideas from all of you.  I also hope to keep myself honest. Truth be told, I sometimes have great ideas for saving money, but life gets in the way and they stay ideas. It is my hope that this blog will give me that extra push to put those ideas into practice, saving me – and you – even more money.  So go ahead and bookmark my site, and check in regularly for your daily dose of debt-free inspiration.




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11 01 2009

Hey Amy!

What an awesome, inspiring idea! I loved reading your blogs! Thanks for your tips and, hopefully, I’ll be able to share some as well! (I had a really hard time reading the triples one since I was out of town and had to miss it….it killed me!)

Congrats on starting your website! I’ll bookmark you and check it often!


13 03 2009
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