Triple Coupons! What a way to ring in the New Year

1 01 2009

Triples purchaseFor frugalistas such as myself, there’s no better way to ring in a new year than with a grocery store register ringing up triple coupons. Rising while it was still dark, I was trolling the aisles of Harris Teeter with my handy dandy coupon binder while, I suspect, most folks were still snoozing.

On my first order, I purchased: 2 Starkist Creations, 1 Pepto Bismal, 1 Reynolds baking cups, 3 Betty Crocker mashed potato packets, 2 loaves of Arnold bread, 1 package of Nature’s Own WhiteWheat buns, 3 packages of John Morrell lunch meat, 3 packages of Pringles Minis, 1 Dunkin Donuts coffee and 1 French’s mustard. Using a combination of coupons from newspaper inserts, internet print coupons, blinkie coupons and register rewards coupons, I paid $1.65 (OOP) out of pocket. The total before coupons was $43 and change.

On a quickie second trip, I purchased 3 packages of Texas Toast croutons, 3 packets of Betty Crocker potatoes and a bag of Wacky Mac. I paid $1.07 OOP.

While this obviously isn’t enough to feed my family for the week, it builds up my stockpile in some areas where I had run low. The potatoes are a good sidedish to add to the abundance of frozen veggies I already have on hand. The croutons enhance our salads and the mustard was a must-have since we opened our last container during the holidays. The bread will be frozen for later; the tuna is a great lunch item for my husband, the coffee is the first I have purchased in almost a year after using up a huge stash. My stockpile is so substantial right now that all I need to complete my shopping for the week are some fruits, salad greens and milk.

What I don’t do during triple couponing is go in and buy a bunch of items just because I have coupons. For instance, I had a 75-cent coupon on Cottonelle toilet paper and a 25-cent coupon on Charmin. But the sales on those items weren’t that great. Even with the $2.25-cent savings on Cottonelle, I would have still paid nearly $6 for 12 double rolls. Since I have a mountain-sized stockpile of TP, it didn’t make sense to buy it. I’ll bide my time and wait for a better deal when I’ll stock up.

Harris Teeter, my favorite grocery store by far here in North Carolina, is offering its triple coupon promotion through Sunday, Jan. 4.




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