An economic stimulus package: Free shampoo!

11 01 2009

Capitalizing on its reputation as a budget brand, the Suave company is launching an ad campaign that ties into the economic crisis. When the going gets tough, give out free shampoo.

According to, if you visit the site on Jan. 14, you will be able to sign up for a coupon for a free bottle of shampoo, conditioner or other hair-care product up to $3 in value. In patriotic red, white and blue, the site says Suave is giving “every woman in America” a free bottle because , and I quote: “For over 70 years,  the Suave brand has bottled our belief that you can live beautifully for less.  We hope it will inspire you to apply this idea to your everyday life. Clip a coupon. Hit a shoe sale. Squeeze more joy out of every dollar. This is no time to give up on your hopes, your dreams or your beauty. This is (the) time to stop overpaying for them. Live beautifully for less. Suavenomics.”

Not sure why this promo is only for women!? But I’m betting the site won’t turn you guys away. Let’s just hope the site can handle all the clicks  — unlike the Dr. Pepper site a few weeks back when it was giving away 20-ounce bottles of soda only to have the site overwhelmed.




One response

11 01 2009

Wow! What a super fantastic blog!
I am loving all of your tips and ideas.
Looking forward to 2009 and a year of saving lots of money and simplifying my life. I am going to put your words of advice into action as I think before I impulse shop and keep my money in my wallet unless I really “need” to make a purchase.
Thanks again for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

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