The rare and wonderful wine tag

30 01 2009

Today I hit the wine tag jackpot.

Hanging from the necks of  wine bottles much like a necklace, the tags are designed to pull the shopper over to take a look at the wine. But for me, the tag is the real gem.

To a couponer, wine tags are truly a treasure because they typically offer money off on meats, seafoods, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables — all items for which there are rarely any coupons. And if you are trying to eat healthy, as our family is, it’s hard to keep your grocery budget in check because so many coupons are on packaged foods.

Next to beer rebates, wine tags are probably my favorite type of coupon so you can imagine how thrilled I was today when, while picking up a bag of dog food at Food Lion, I happened upon wine tags for $3 off meat, compliments of Blue’s Corner wine . Any meat. No minimum purchase. Better yet, here in North Carolina, there is no requirement to buy the wine to use the coupon.

I then went over to my favorite Harris Teeter to scout out any meats dated today that were being marked down. Score. I ended up paying 22 cents for a pound of Angus stew meat that regularly would have cost $4.51. I paid 44 cents for 1 1/4 pounds of ground beef regularly priced at $4.91. I’m envisioning beef stroganoff with the stew meat and sloppy joes with the ground beef.

That’s 66 cents for nearly $10 worth of meat, a 93 percent savings!

Gotta love those wine tags.




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12 02 2009
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[…] weekend so I’ll make his favorite. The ground beef was another reduced meat purchase with a wine tag. It cost me under 25 […]

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