An Update: Day 1 of my No-Spend Challenge

2 02 2009

One day down, 27 to go on my no-spending-in-February challenge.

I spent most of Feb. 1 at the home of a friend, who had invited over a small group of women to scrapbook. Rather than pay to attend a retreat, we hosted our own, brought food to share and had a no-kids, no-husbands (read between the lines — no interruptions) time to scrapbook in peace.

For me, it was an easy way to not spend money and do something I really enjoy.

I did, however, take a lot of ribbing from my companions, who wanted to know how in the world I was going to resist triple couponing at Harris Teeter this week, what I was going to do when I ran out of fruits and veggies and did I really think I could make it a month on one tank of gas?

All good questions……we’ll just have to see what happens as the month unfolds. I’m hoping I can get creative, use what we have and alter our routine enough to get by.

I warned my friends that I might be calling them at some point and offering up a trade. A carrot perhaps for an apple? We all howled with laughter. But I wasn’t joking.

I’ll keep you posted.




2 responses

2 02 2009

You are a brave women, because I could never do this.. First of all there are bills that I have to spend money for, we also support( financially ) my husband’s family who live in a 3rd world country. Second, we have pets whose food I buy once a month, that couldn’t be cut, and third Milk , bread produce needs to be bought fresh( I don’t have a farm, nor a freezer). Fourth.. unexpected spending.. like something for school for the kids, or a medical need. and fifth.I couldn’t resist getting something cheap or free.. I am looking forward to Harris Teeter Triples, I just got a bunch of freebies at CVS and am going to get some more things this month for free or almost free; what I can’t use I save up and send down to my husband’s family at the end of the year, there toothpaste is a luxury. I wish you good luck, and look forward to reading your adventure.

2 02 2009

A no-spend month is definitely not for everyone……..and I’m not sure how things will go as the month progresses. LOL Remember, it’s only Day 2. But I do have a gift card safety net when the milk, fruits and veggies run out. But I am determined NOT to spend any real dimes. Besides saving money, I’m also hoping to find some serenity in the simplification. My hat’s off to you for all your efforts to help your husband’s family. We are all so fortunate here….thanks for reminding me of that. 🙂

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