Frugal friendships

4 02 2009
frugal friendship at its finest

Apex, N.C., coupon swap: frugal friendship at its finest

One of the best ways to save money, I think, is to surround yourself with frugal friends.

Frugal friends understand that when you suggest meeting for lunch you really mean, “Let’s go to Chick Fil-A, use a coupon and bring our own drinks.”

Frugal friends get excited when you tell them you bought 12 cake mixes, used coupons combined with a sale, and walked out paying just the tax.

Frugal friends know the significance of the loss when you realize you left your coupon binder in the cart at the grocery store. Sympathy notes are sent with replacement coupons tucked inside.

Frugal friends dutifully mark their calendars each month and meet to pore over thousands of coupons in hopes of finding a few to use at double- and triple-couponing events. In their world, coupon swaps are a major social event.

Frugal friends adjust their work schedules around triple-coupon events.

Frugal friends brag about what they didn’t buy.

Frugal friends think you’re a genious when you tell them you spent an hour cutting up old T-shirts into rectangles to make your own reusable Swiffer cloths.

Frugal friends consider big weekend plans a legal-sized sheet filled with the addresses of your town’s yard sales.

Frugal friends like it when you tell them  how little you spent on a gift for them. Less is definitely more.

Frugal friends call you from their cell phones when they spot a good deal at the store.

Frugal friends don’t let friends pay full-price. 

No need to feel deprived or alone when you have friends like these. It’s what keeps me going.

Tell me about your favorite frugal friends. How have they enriched your lives?




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8 02 2009

Great Post!

8 02 2009

Thanks, jessiedog! I appreciate you stopping by and hope you will consider bookmarking my blog.

9 02 2009
Day 5: No-Spend Challenge « Free to be Frugal

[…] for our monthly coupon swap at Chick Fil-A, bringing all my February coupons to share.  Click here to see a photo from the swap and my musings about frugal friendship. Lunch was three huge chicken […]

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