What’s in your mailbox?

6 02 2009
You never know what might be in your mailbox. My haul over the last week or so.

You never know what might be in your mailbox. My haul over the last week or so.

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things is getting the mail each day. Between my rebates and the freebies I request on line, I can usually count on a little present or two in my mailbox each day.

Here’s a look-see at what I’ve gotten in the mail in the last week or two:

A 6 oz. trial size of Rachael Ray’s Nutrish dog food. Maggie, our dachshund, gave this freebie her paw of approval. Click here if you want to get some for your pup.

One SoyJoy bar and a coupon for $1/4 bars. Lots of folks detest these bars, but my husband will eat just about anything so what the heck. He says they’re actually not that bad. How’s that for a ringing endorsement. This sample is no longer available but will probably be offered again soon.

One “new and improved” Glad storage bag. I don’t use many disposable bags but I like to have a few on hand — just in case. No sense paying for them. No longer available.

Six personalized Valentine cards. These are absolutely adorable with a photo of my daughter beside a waterfall in the North Carolina mountains. She and I designed these together at www.scrapbooksets.com/stories, which is affiliated with Better Homes and Gardens. The cards and shipping were completely free and came within a couple of days. These, too, are no longer available but I’ve got a feeling they will offer similar promotions.

A single-serve bag of Orville Redenbacher’s Natural popcorn. No longer available.

$50 American Express gift card. I received this from Home Depot to cover the cost of four movie tickets to see the movie Bedtime Stories. During the holiday season, Home Depot sold gift cards that entitled customers to two free tickets to the movie through Fandango. We bought two $25 gift cards before purchasing a new leaf blower, but when we tried to redeem them, the codes would not work. After several calls and emails, the $50 AE card arrived. Now we can go to a matinee and use the balance for regular household purchases. Payment for my aggravation!

$6 rebate check for purchasing $10 in cheese or deli meat, purchased BOGO with a coupon, of course.

A coupon for a FREE (worth up to $14.99) multipack of Boost Kid Essentials drink. Click here to get yours. 

A sample-size chocolate chip chewy granola bar from Cascadian Farm Organic. No longer available.

Nexxus shampoo and conditioner. No longer available.

$5 Chevron gift card. This I got for playing an on line trivia game. I can’t remember exactly when I played — probably late at night. This arrived just yesterday and I couldn’t believe what great timing. If you are following me on my no-spending-in-February challenge, you know I’m trying not to spend any money, including money for gas in my car. (We did say upfront that we would fill my husband’s tank so he could get to work.) I have a feeling this gift card will come in handy!

 And finally, while I was working on this post today, the mail came and I received another rebate check. This one was for $5 for purchasing $10 in shrimp. Of course, you know me, I bought the shrimp on BOGO with a coupon.

My mailbox gifts are often a topic of conversation at dinner, particularly if it was something extra good, such as the time I received a “breakfast pack” of goodies from Kraft, which included coupons for FREE bagels and cream cheese, travel coffee mugs, napkins and cheese spreaders.

Here are a few tips for getting your own shower of gifts in your mailbox.

Never provide information you are not comfortable giving out. You may want to consider creating a free email account to use just for your freebies. For those sites that require a birthday, consider giving one a month or a year off from your actual date. I don’t usually advise people to be deceptive but you can’t be too careful in protecting the security of your identity.

Make it part of your Internet routine to check sites for freebies. Believe it or not, Walmart’s website is one of the most reliable and generous in giving freebies. Click here to check it out. Currently, it is giving away samples of Prilosec, Always pads, Metamucil and Benefiber. 

Oftentimes, manufacturers will send you emails alerting you to freebies on their websites.

Another website that is a sort of one-stop clearinghouse for freebies is www.freestufftimes.com. It has a great search engine and also categorizes its freebies by types and by date. Click on birthday freebies, for instance, and you get a huge list of meals and products you can get free on your birthday. Other categories include pets, baby stuff, key chains, gift cards, food samples and magazines. I can’t say enough good things about this site. HOWEVER, I would proceed cautiously before clicking on any of the ads on the site. Many of these, in my experience, are just fishing for information on your household and never actually pan out.

Another way to get freebies is to join Vocalpoint. Members are sent new products to try, along with coupons to share with friends. I have gotten numerous freebies through this company.

It goes without saying that cash rebates are my favorite thing to receive in my mailbox. Check out my posts here and here to learn more about cashing in on rebates.

One final piece of advice: I never send for anything I don’t want or need. It’s too time consuming and/or wasteful in my book.

What’s in your mailbox? I’d love to hear about some of your great freebies.




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6 02 2009

Oh, I love mail time, too. Pretty much all my bills come online, so it’s all goodies for me come mailtime! Free samples, free magazines, rebate checks. . . .
I started to feel bad for my mail carrier after awhile. We were talking one day and she mentioned she was taking a trip, so I made a small pkg of trial size and samples and left it in the mailbox for her to pick up the next day. A little thank you for all the extra pkgs she always has to pull out when she gets to my box. It was fun to share!
I get surprised at myself how disappointed I become when I realize it’s a mail holiday! 😀

6 02 2009

Why does it not surprise me that your mailbox is as full as mine. 🙂
And how kind of you to share the wealth with your mail carrier!

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