Valentine’s Day freebie: $5 from Old Navy

12 02 2009

Old Navy is putting a kitschy twist on Valentine’s Day this year by handing out kiddie valentines to its customers and inviting them back to shop on Feb. 14. The best part: one of the Valentines is actually a $5 coupon off any purchase. That means any item $5 or under is FREE. 

img_1481The Valentines come in sheets of four with perforations — just like the kiddie Valentines we all loved in elementary school. Your kids can color the child-friendly designs on the first three cards and give their masterpieces to friends. If you don’t have kids, sharpen your colored pencils and pretend you’re back in 3rd grade.

Take the fourth Valentine to Old Navy on Saturday and match it up with a sale. During a quick tour of the store, I saw lots of sales and clearance so $5 could go a long way!

Stop in to Old Navy any time before Saturday and ask for your free Valentines. At my store, the cashier had a thick stack of them right by the register. She gladly gave me four sheets so I plan on sharing. Not sure if the stores will still be handing them out on Feb. 14 but it’s clear that they can only be redeemed on Feb. 14.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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