Coins in the couch

24 02 2009
My coins-in-the-couch windfall.

My coins-in-the-couch windfall.

While spending vast amounts of time at home during my No-Spending in February challenge, I have been on a rampage through my junk drawers, closets, laundry room, jewelry boxes and anywhere else that harbors clutter trying to “dejunk” my house and get organized.

I’ve already written about how profitable it was to go through my jewelry. Click here to read about the more than $500 I received from a local jeweler for my broken chains, add-a-beads from the 80s and various other pieces of scrap gold.

Not quite so profitable, but fun nonetheless, was the collection of change I’ve been collecting from under the couch cushions, the bottoms of dresser drawers and the floor of the laundry room as I clear the clutter.

At last count, I had found $4.22. While the vast majority were pennies, I found a few dimes, quarters and three $1 coins. (I must have run out and got these when they first came out, put them in a drawer and promptly forgot about them.)

So what do I do with my windfall? I deposited my gold jewelry money into our emergency fund but thought I would ask my blog readers what I should do with my $4.22.

Should I:

*save it,

*be a purist and wait to spend it on March 1,

*spend it now because it’s “found money,”

*let my daughter and husband spend it for putting up with my crazy no-spend idea all month?

What do you think? Leave me your ideas in the comments section.




6 responses

24 02 2009

NOOOOOOOO Don’t do it! Don’t spend it. Deposit it to the emergency fund and stay true to the mission! You’re almost to the finish line.

25 02 2009

Amy take that $4.22 and blow it on yourself! You deserve it!

25 02 2009
Andrew Dunn

Buy the family some ice cream! Wait till Saturday, though. :-p

Unless you already got a deal on that…

26 02 2009
Zachary Dunn

I agree with Andrew 🙂 but you should wait till I get home to spend it!!

27 02 2009

Thanks, guys! I’m flattered you’re reading your crazy Mom’s blog!

28 02 2009
Coins in the couch: an update « Free to be Frugal

[…] in the couch: an update 28 02 2009 Earlier this month I told you about the “coins in the couch” money I had rounded up during my clutter-busting rampage through my house. I had mixed feelings on the […]

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