Coins in the couch: an update

28 02 2009

Earlier this month I told you about the “coins in the couch” money I had rounded up during my clutter-busting rampage through my house. I had mixed feelings on the fate of that $4.22, especially since it was February, my month of no spending.

My two college boys suggested saving it until they got home and then buying ice cream. My husband told me to indulge myself in this month of no indulgences. A good friend suggested I deserved to spend it on myself. What are good friends for!

Saving for a splurge

Saving for a splurge

But many folks told me to save it. One said to stay true to my no-spending mission and deposit it in the old emergency fund. Others told me how they keep a coin jar, where they deposit all their spare change and found money, saving it for vacations, holiday spending or other special treats. Then I happened to read a fellow blogger’s post that mentioned her habit of stashing spare change in an old Mason jar. That really struck my fancy.

So I reached into the back corner of my highest cupboard where I knew I had some old Mason jars stashed and dumped my $4.22 into it. It barely covers the bottom of the jar, but it’s a start. When it’s full, we’ll take it to the credit union, which has a coin counting machine that is free. Not sure yet what we’ll do with the money, but it will be something special. A splurge.




3 responses

28 02 2009
Andrew Dunn

Thanks for calling me out! But I think this is a good idea. You deserve it. Buy yourself something really nice, please.

2 03 2009


I took the bigger coins in my spare change collection (dimes and quarters) and donated them to Miracle Children’s Network on free pancake day at IHOP.

Win/win, I think. I certainly enjoyed the pancakes. I will be looking for other opportunities like this, too.

2 03 2009

Great idea, tankydog.

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