Troubles with your free Quiznos coupon?

2 03 2009

If you’ve had trouble redeeming your coupon for a free Quiznos sub, you apparently aren’t alone.

I got the first report from my son Andrew, a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill. The Quiznos closest to campus refused to accept any of the coupons from the very first day of the promotion. Others across the country have reported similar problems getting their free subs in the company’s million sub giveaway.

The company has  set up an email address to handle problems you may have encountered taking advantage of this promotion. Write them at

My thanks go to Sue Stock, the retail reporter at The News and Observer in Raleigh, for this information. Sue writes a blog called Taking Stock. You can check it out here.

My husband and I, by the way, had absolutely no problems redeeming our coupons the very first evening of the promotion. The employees were a little amazed at how many people were coming in with the coupons, but they cheerfully plugged them into the register and handed the subs over with a smile.




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