I’m a three-time winner

18 03 2009

I’m almost embarrassed to write this post and admit that I spend precious time entering sweepstakes on the Internet.

But every single one I’ve entered, I’ve won. OK, I’ve only entered three but I have won three times.

There’s something to this.

Here’s my strategy. I only enter contests that offer a TON of winners, I enter once a day, I enter as late at night as possible, I try to spend less than a minute entering, and I always try to play through the last few days of the game. That’s it.

By a ton of winners, I mean thousands. For instance, I just won a $5 Subway gift card from its 3-Point Play promotion. Click here to play. There are 11,000 instant winners of $5 gift cards. You also have a chance to win an Xbox, an Ipod and other prizes. The grand prize is a “VIP experience” with NBA player Tony Parker. I’m content with my $5 gift card. Subway is one of my favorite fast-food restaurants.

I enter once a day, which is usually the maximum for these contests. If there are bonus plays, I try to do these as well. After all, you can’t win if you don’t play. Using the Subway contest again as an example, I played my one turn, then with a couple clicks found the bonus code of the day to play again. This takes about an extra minute.

I play late at night, if possible, because that’s when the fewest people are playing. The fewer people playing at any given time during an instant win game, the better chance you have of winning. I won the Subway game at about 1 a.m.

Finally, I try to stick it out until the end of the promotion or until I win, whichever comes first. I figure most people will give up after a few attempts and quit playing.

I do not pretend to be an expert on this. If you want to get some real expert advice, click here to check out a blog called Sweeties Sweeps. There’s a lot going on at this blog and it’s a bit overwhelming, but blog author Wendy has some pretty legit advice on how to win. And she should know.  Just last week, she reported winning $5,000 in a Burger King sweepstakes at 4:28 in the morning. She also reports winning a Dodge vehicle, a trip to France and lots of furniture, TVs and gift certificates over the years.

Her blog is also a good source of current sweepstakes with links so you can enter. Another source is instantwincrazy.com and there are many others. Just do a search for instant win games 2009 and you will find more contests than you can ever possibly have time to enter.

In case you’re wondering, my other big wins were:

1) a Kraft Foods instant win game that awarded me three coupons for three FREE product coupons for a 16 oz. package of Nabisco crackers, a Planters snack product and a Kraft cheese product. The estimated value of the three coupons is $13.48. They arrived in the mail Monday. I was one of 34,000 winners, if I’m not mistaken.

and 2) another Kraft promotion, this time involving Philadelphia Cream Cheese. One day last year I came home to find a huge box on my front porch. Inside was a large cloth-lined basket filled with two travel coffee mugs, coupons for four packages of Thomas bagels, coupons for four packages of cream cheese, napkins and two cheese spreaders. I was one of 6,000 winners.

Have any of you won Internet instant win games? Have you won big? Or have you won small prizes like me? I’d love to hear your sweepstakes adventures.




4 responses

19 03 2009

Sweeties Sweeps is a really great website. I think I am going to try & enter a few of the contest. Thanks for the link & info!!!

23 03 2009

Last year both my Mom and I won Oprah’s totebags full of free samples. Some of it was stuff we wouldn’t use, i.e. makeup in medium shades and I’m fair, but it was fun to get something delivered to the house unexpectedly!

23 03 2009

Sounds like a fun prize to win…..:)
Thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you will keep reading.

13 05 2009
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