Triple the fun at Harris Teeter

25 03 2009

img_1618I was at Harris Teeter bright and early this morning to take advantage of its incredibly generous weeklong triple-coupon promotion. After my No-Spend Challenge in February, I had fun restocking the pantry and freezer.

The stores in my area encourage multiple shops so I did three, one at each of three different stores so I wouldn’t make a dent in any one store’s stock.

In total, I saved 77 percent on my groceries, paying just $27.47 for $119.53 worth of products. I purchased a couple items with coupons that didn’t triple, such as the Spot Shot cleaner. Instead of the 55-cent coupon, I used a $2 coupon, which worked out to be a better deal.

With my receipts, I will get $3.50 back on a Try-Me-Free rebate offer from Sargento. Click here to read a previous post on rebates. And with my 15 proofs of purchase for JollyTime popcorn, I will receive five reusable grocery bags. That deal is listed on the back of the box.

Not bad for a morning’s work by a stay-at-home parent.




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27 03 2009

That’s awesome! Im going tomorrow, my 1st time ever 🙂
also going to kmart which is having doubles on coupons, even over $1.00!

27 03 2009

Good luck, dreawd. I would LOVE to hear how you do.

31 03 2009
Clipping coupons assembly-line style « Free to be Frugal

[…] also opened up new opportunities for bargains at  Harris Teeter, which is running an unprecedented weeklong triples promotion. (Don’t forget: today is the last day of […]

2 04 2009
dee dee

I’ve just found your blog from Suddenly Frugal. And I like it. But it seems to me that you eat a lot of processed, packaged, prepared foods! In the photo of the things you restocked your pantry with there were only 2 items I would ever buy – the Aleve and the ziplocks! I find that I can rarely use the triple coupon offers at the grocery store because very few products I buy are every couponed. Oh well, I’m going to grow a lot more of our food this summer so I’ll need to buy even less next year!

2 04 2009

You make a very good point, dee dee. A lot of the stuff you get at triples is the processed food you get in the center aisles of the grocery. Not to worry, though. We buy plenty of the healthy stuff from around the perimeter of the store — just not during my triples trips. Try looking for the winetag coupons, which frequently offer discounts on seafood, meats, fresh produce and fresh bakery items. Here’s a link to a post I wrote on winetags if you’re interested in more information:
And thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you will return.

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