Banana bread bonanza

26 03 2009

A week or so ago, I posted about buying bargain-priced over-ripe bananas to make banana bread rather than paying full price and waiting for them to speckle. Definitely cheaper and way more efficient.

After writing that post, a woman who calls herself “bananabreadnut” started following me on Twitter. Intrigued by her name and her cute little banana icon, I checked out her website and started following her on Twitter as well.

We are all the richer for Laura West’s obsession with banana bread. Click here to check the website out yourself. Be prepared to gain five pounds just reading the recipes and drooling over the photos.

With bananabreadnut in mind, I bought another bag of browning bananas yesterday. Now I just have to figure out which recipe to try……… many recipes, so little time.

There are recipes for chocolate  banana bread, coffee banana bread, ginger pear banana bread, papaya banana bread with dried figs……..the choices are endless.

I’ll let you know what I try…………maybe even post a photo.




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