Reporting back on my adventures in banana bread baking

27 03 2009

img_1620I had intended to post yesterday on my latest adventures in banana bread baking with super-cheap reduced bananas after finding an awesome banana bread website . Click here and here to read my original posts and here to view the banana bread site.

But I never got around to baking — or anything else for that matter — after receiving the dreaded “call from the school.” Seems my little girl went down with a thud during a game of dodge ball in PE class, breaking her wrist in two places. Ouch.

What a difference a day makes. With a Tar Heel blue cast on her arm, she’s all smiles today, especially taste-testing my chocolate banana bread muffins. Click here to see the recipe.

It was really hard deciding on a recipe — with so many to choose from. In the end, I went for simplicity and availability of ingredients. 

They are delicious and were ready in no time. But if……….or rather, when I make them again, I will add a few more chocolate chips. Thanks bananabreadnut!img_1621




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