Clipping coupons assembly-line style

31 03 2009

img_1626As I mentioned in a post last week, I will sometimes buy extra Sunday newspapers when the coupon inserts are especially good. Last Sunday was one of those times.

Although there were only two coupon books, they were good-sized and full of coupons for items I regularly purchase. The coupons also opened up new opportunities for bargains at  Harris Teeter, which is running an unprecedented weeklong triples promotion. (Don’t forget: today is the last day of triples!)

I made a drug store run to buy five copies of the News & Observer to add to the one I have delivered to our home. The cheapest places to buy extra papers around here are Walgreens and the Dollar Tree at $1. But since I was getting a late start, and both those places often sell out, I bought mine at CVS. I paid with Extra Care Bucks and a gift card so it was still a bargain at $1.50 per paper. For no money out of pocket, I had a goldmine of coupons to triple.

I brought a scissors with me and immediately cut three each of several products and went to my closest Harris Teeter, which happened to be in the same shopping center. I walked out with free pasta, free Steamfresh veggies, and extraordinarily cheap Nestle’s Morsels (54 cents), Breakstone sour cream (34 cents) and Dole fruit (17 cents).

img_1628Then I came home and set up shop to cut the rest of my coupons assembly-line style. (I’m all about saving time as well as money!)

On my cleared kitchen table, I took one of the inserts and spread it sheet by sheet on the table. I then layered the matching sheets of the five remaining inserts on top.

Next, I stapled each set of six coupons together, being carefully to avoid stapling the barcode. Then I cut the six-deep stack of coupons.

In the end, I cut six sets of coupons in about the same amount of time it would take me to cut one. The stapled coupons are also easier to sort and file into my binder.img_1630img_1631img_1632




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31 03 2009
Carolyn in NC

Since HT was tripling I thought there were good coupons it was the first time I bought extra papers too. Paid $3 out of pocket for two additional then saved $38 immediately at the grocery store. LOVED IT

The only difference is that I cut mine at the laundry mat since my washer is broken. I had coupons lined up on washers instead of my kitchen table.

31 03 2009

You get extra bonus points for perseverence!!!

31 03 2009

What a great idea! I never thought about that. I usually have multiple papers as well. Thanks for the idea.

31 03 2009

Thank YOU for reading my blog………:)

3 04 2009

I do a modified assembly line style, pulling only one sheet of coupons from each insert, lining them up then cuttingI like the staple idea, I may have to modify my modified style! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

3 04 2009

I think you’ll like the stapling. It helps keep them from slipping.
Thanks for reading my blog…..I hope you’ll come back often.

6 04 2009
Lynn venderley

I get the Chicago Tribune and a local paper. The sheets don’t always match up. For me, the table top process doesn’t work.

6 04 2009

I love your coupon assembly line. Will give it a try next time I buy extra papers. I had to work Sunday and planned to stop at the grocery store to get my 2 for 1 papers and after work, of course, I forgot. Missed all those coupons. Of course this Monday morning there were no Sunday papers. Oh well, there will be another time. I will be watching your blog for more great ideas. Keep saving.. Oh yes what part of the country are you in?

6 04 2009

Thanks, Grace! My deepest sympathies for missing out on Sunday’s coupons! haha But, you are right, there’s always another deal right around the corner. That’s what is so great about couponing. Thanks so much for reading my blog. I am in Apex, N.C., a small town outside of Raleigh.

14 05 2009
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