Update: April’s Cash for Clutter Challenge

16 04 2009

The month is half over so I thought it was time for an update on my Cash for Clutter Challenge. 

You can read my original post here, but, in essence, I’m trying to purge my home of clutter in hopes of establishing a more simplified lifestyle and at the same time recoup some cash. Most of the money we’re putting in our emergency fund, but cash raised from kid clutter will go to the college funds.

Shortly after writing that post, I received a dead-on response from a reader in Australia that I thought was worth sharing. She writes:

…after a huge accumulation phase, I am going through the declutter phase too.
Initially, I thought that I could do it all in a month, but I have come to the realisation that it is going to take a year.
Already this year I have sold $1500 from my clutter. My goal is to raise $5000 by the end of the year.
My family and I have downsized to an apartment in Sydney, Australia, from a large four-bedroom house out in the ‘burbs.
Most of my sales to date have been clothing (mine and my daughters), toys, DVDs, CDs, books, electronic equipment and furniture and furnishings.
It is very therapeutic to be able to move these things on to people who want them and will use them. It also brings the uncomfortable realisation about how much I paid for these new, and how little I am receiving for these.

Wow. I thought that comment spoke volumes, particularly the last sentence. That should give everyone pause before buying anything new. Do we really need that sweater? Does our child really need that 24th Webkinz or that 56th Hot Wheels car? Probably not.

I, too, have discovered it will take me far more than a month to purge and sell all my clutter. It’s time consuming!

So far this month, I’ve sold:

*a big box of books to a used bookstore. $15.30.

*an artificial orchid, various DVDs, a decorative box and various toys at a friend’s yard sale. $50.

*an artificial ficus tree on craigslist. $30.

*a solid wood computer desk and hutch on craigslist. $250.

I was thrilled to see all this stuff go. We no longer needed these items and had not used them or appreciated them in a long while. Let someone else enjoy them. Let someone else dust them!

I feel lighter in spirit already.




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