My garage sale finds

22 04 2009

img_1693Just for fun, I thought I would post a photo and show you what I found on my treasure hunt inside the garages and on the driveways of perfect strangers this past weekend.

This was my first time out shopping this spring at the “Saturday morning boutiques” as my frugal friend and I like to call garage sales. And it was my first time out shopping with “my list” as I blogged about here.

I was pretty proud of myself for typing up a list of items we actually need, which helped me focus my search. It came in handy right off the bat when I walked up a driveway to find two air filters. I took out my handy list and was thrilled to discover these 25-cent filters were one of the sizes we use. These were cheapy filters that won’t last long, but a bargain none the less.

My other purchases were not on my list but I deemed them items I would use and they were bargain priced. Here is what I got:

*four brand-new North Carolina Tar Heels gift bags that play the school fight song when opened. I paid $1.50 total for the four bags, which still had the original $4.99 each price tags still on them. Since my son is a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill I know these will be put to good use.

*three spools of decorative fabric ribbon (one with dog bones on it) to use on various craft and gift-wrapping projects. I paid 50 cents each for the large spools and a quarter for the small one.  At the craft stores, these can range in price from $2 to $4 each.

*two packages of scrapbooking stickers for 25 cents each. These are $2 each at the craft stores so a great deal for an avid scrapbooker like me.

*a good-sized piece of plain red fabric for a frugal and green craft project I have in mind that I will blog about at a later date. I paid 50 cents, which is a steal, considering that you pay $2 and up for the remnants at the fabric stores.

*an old hardback book, Hiking the Appalachian Trail. This came from the FREE pile at a sale in my neighborhood. Since my husband and both boys have all hiked on the AT, I thought this was something they would enjoy reading. When they’re done, if my book collector son doesn’t lay claim to it, I will pass it along.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning. I saved a bunch of money and didn’t bring home a lot of clutter. Mission accomplished.




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23 04 2009

If your copy of “Hiking The Appalachian Trail” is the one edited by James Hare, first published in 1975, you have one volume of a two-volume set that is fairly valuable and much sought after amongst AT hikers. If it’s a first edition with a dust-jacket in at least good condition, it’s a rare find. The two volume sets, with jackets and few condition issues, usually sell for over a $100.

23 04 2009

Thanks so much for the info! I had no idea….I just checked the book and it is a first edition. It has the dust jacket and is in fairly good condition. I guess my yard sale expedition was even more successful than I had imagined.

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