Triples update: I saved 87 percent on my grocery bill

29 04 2009

img_1698If you’ve had any lingering doubts about the power of coupons, check out my latest shopping trip to Harris Teeter. I saved 87 percent off my total grocery order. 

In other words, I paid 13 cents on the dollar for all the groceries you see filling my kitchen table. If that isn’t worth a couple hours a week clipping and organizing, I don’t know what is.

After three shops at three different HT stores — all a stone’s throw from my house — I paid $22.01 for $163.23 worth of groceries.

Harris Teeters throughout the Southeast are tripling coupons up to 99 cents today through Tuesday, May 5. Click here to read my original post, which includes a link to a substantial list of great deals for free and unbelievably cheap items.

Items I “bought” that were totally free: Grande tortilla chips, McCormick cinnamon, McCormick chili powder, Clabber Girl baking powder, Bumblebee Tuna, Lava bar soap and Lady Speed Stick.

Items 25 cents or under: Dial soap three-pack, McCormick imitation vanilla, Texas Toast crutons, Planters Big Nut bars, Lipton noodles, Dole peaches, Multi-grain Cheerios and No Yolk noodles.

Items 55 cents or under: Pepto Bismol, Nestles Morsels, Eggo waffles and Breyers ice cream.

Everything else was under $1 except for the package of sirloin fillets, which were $1.76 after a $2 peelie, and Reynolds 100 percent recycled foil, which was $1.45 after triple coupons. But, I will end up getting this free — or possibly make money — after sending in my Earth Day try-me-free mail-in rebate.

After all that shopping, I’ll probably take a breather until early Sunday morning when the new coupons come out in the Sunday newspaper. Check here or here later today to see what coupons we can expect. 

In the mean time, I’d love to hear your best grocery savings stories.




4 responses

29 04 2009

Out of curiosity, how is it that you can go to multiple HTs and still get the triple discount? I read online that they are getting tighter on this…but how could it be tracked?

Just wondering what stores you hit up in the area, and if there were any difficulties there.

29 04 2009
Carolyn in NC

I also did 3 shops at 3 different stores today. You think they would have figured out a way to limit our trips on our VIC card by now, if they wanted to.

30 04 2009

That’s the key…………..I don’t think they really want to………think about it……..what retailer wants to limit shopping? There are so many impulse purchases they would only be hurting themselves.

30 04 2009

I have never had any problem using my VIC card multiple times. I have heard the cards will not work after using it five times in a day but I’ve never tested it. I usually just do my three shops at three different stores to avoid “clearing the shelves” at any one store. I generally shop at the Apex/Cary stores nearest my home, which all seem to be very coupon friendly.

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