More Target deals

30 04 2009

img_1699I couldn’t resist going on another shopping expedition to Target today with my Target coupons. I had a couple coupons expiring and I couldn’t stand the thought of them going to waste.

I thought I would share the deals and post a photo to further illustrate the “Target Tutorial” post I wrote earlier this week.

If I had paid full price, which would NEVER happen, my bill would have been $14.40 for the items you see pictured.

Here is what I paid and how I did it:

*Half-gallon Tropicana orange juice, $2.99, minus $1 Target coupon, minus $1 manufacturer’s coupon = 99 cents

*Three apples, regularly $1.89 on sale for $1.27, minus $1 Target coupon = 27 cents

*Promise Activ Supershots, $2.89 (cheapest price I could find), minus $1.50 manufacturer’s coupon= $1.39

*Three Quaker granola bites packages, $1 each, minus three $1 Target coupons = free

*Two GE Energy Smart CFL bulbs, $3.59 each minus two $2 Target coupons minus two $1 manufacturer’s coupons = 59 cents each

My total bill was $4, which includes tax. The cashier was speechless. I was giddy. I carried it all out with my FREE reusable Target shopping bag, which I received on Earth Day.

Lovin’ Target, lovin’ coupons.




One response

30 04 2009
Carolyn in NC

The heads up on being able to use their printers is great. Thanks!!!

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