An update on our blueberry crop

14 05 2009

IMG_1738The last I reported, our blueberry bushes were looking spindly and rather pitiful as they awaited planting. You can read the full post here and see photos of just how pitiful the three bushes looked. While that original post was generally optimistic, I had huge unspoken reservations. (It was all I could do not to vocally second-guess my husband’s choice of plants.)

IMG_1739Well, what a difference a month makes. Those once sad-looking bushes are now thriving with numerous clusters of berries. Not tons of berries, but enough to top more than a few bowls of Cheerios mixed with Fiber One. (I don’t care what the FDA says, Cheerios are still the best.)

Another month and the first of the three bushes should be ready to pick. After researching what types of blueberry bushes to get, we settled on two Rabbiteye and one Southern Highbush. You need at least two types, we learned, for cross pollination to increase the yield and quality of the fruit.

From these two types, we chose three different varieties, which will bear fruit at varying times in the blueberry growing season. This will spread the wealth, so to speak, and won’t inundate us with fruit once the bushes grow larger.

Now there’s only one thing standing in our way to a successful first-year crop. Birds!




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