img_0070Amy Dunn is a former newspaper journalist turned stay-at-home parent who has learned by trial and error how to feed a family of five,  run an efficient household,  save for three college educations and a comfortable retirement, and still manage to have fun,  on a single paycheck.


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6 01 2009

Yay! I’m glad you’re blogging. You have great tips 🙂

11 01 2009

Amy, I really like your blog. As soon as he gets home, I am going to bug my son to check his AT&T bill to be sure he’s not being overcharged. I will keep checking back for more wisdom.

30 01 2009


found you thru your post on savvydollar. I am so interested in reading your blog but the type is too small for me that I give up quickly. I can easily read the headlines but the actual content is too small. . any advice on how to make it bigger. . I am not the most tech savvy. Is everyone viewing it this small or it just me and something with my computer. . .thanks for your time.


30 01 2009

Hey Su!
So glad you found my blog.
Have you tried going to “view” near the top of your screen. It is to the right of “file” and “edit.”
Once you click on view, then click on “text size” and hit “larger” or “largest.” As I get older, I find myself bumping my text size up, too. Hope you keep reading!

2 02 2009

Su again!! And you are wonderful!!! That view thing worked!! Thanks sooo much. . will definitely keep reading now!! I got you on my favorites list!! Thanks for taking the time to explain what to do!!


2 02 2009

Thanks Su! Glad you came back. It’s nice to know you’re reading!

9 02 2009

Nice job Amy! I enjoy your Blog! Keep up the good work on your challenge!

9 02 2009

Thanks for the kind words, Tara!

27 02 2009
Diane Wilson

Hi Amy, my name is Diane Wilson with ABC 11 and I do weekly segments on how to save money. I would like to do a story about your no spending in February. Can you please contact me at diane.l.wilson@abc.com or let me know how I can get in touch with you? Thanks

1 03 2009

They are giving away a free entre w/ coupon here http://www.kashi.com/
Not sure I used twitter corectly. – Susan

5 05 2009

Hi Amy – Great to see you Saturday! Thanks so much for the rebates – love them! Nice job on your blog, as well. Let us know when your story with Diane at ABC11 is on the air.

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