A good weekend for coupons

14 05 2009

Looks like it will be a good Sunday to buy an extra newspaper or two or three.

According to the folks over at thecouponclippers.com, there will be three nice-size inserts in this Sunday’s papers. Click here to check out the list to see what coupons you may be interested in. Then click on each of the inserts listed under May 17: Smart Source, Valassis and Proctor and Gamble.

By buying extra papers, you’ll be able to maximize your savings and add to your pantry stockpile when you  match your coupons to store sales.

 And, with my journalism roots, I can’t resist an opportunity to put in a plug to buy extra papers to boost those ever-shrinking circulation numbers at newspapers across the country. Click here, here and here for past posts on why I think newspapers are still a smart purchase.

A couple coupons that caught my eye for this weekend: 75 cents off 1 package of Breyers Yo Crunch 100-calorie packs of yogurt and 55 cents off 1 package of Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies.

In double- and triple-coupon land where I live, those two coupons have huge potential.

And don’t forget about my shortcuts for clipping all those coupons from multiple papers. Click here to save yourself all kinds of time and aggravation.

One last remember:  Next Sunday, May 24, there will be no Sunday coupons because of Memorial Day weekend.


Monthly coupon purge

1 04 2009

Thought all you coupon queens would appreciate this: I cleaned out my coupon binder of all its expired coupons yesterday. And just for kicks, I put them on my food scale.

Drum roll, please.

My expired March coupons tipped the scales at 9.5 ounces — more than a half-pound of missed opportunities! Ha, ha.

Not to worry, though. I hear there are four coupon inserts coming out in this Sunday’s newspapers: a P&G, two Smart Sources and a Red Plum. I see the potential again for buying extra newspapers and getting the assembly line running again.

(The following Sunday is Easter and there will be no coupon inserts.)